Thumb Gates Technology has progressed tremendously. It is because of this progress that technology has gifted us with different products. The automatic gates are also one of the wonderful inventions of technology. They have made the life of man easier and flexible. In fact, today every person has become habituated to the use of these automatic gates especially as a form of the garage doors. These gates are purely technologically operated. There are further varieties in the such gates as well. There are differences in the operation procedures and the mode of functioning of these gates. The gates are actually available with different kinds of gate automation kits. If you go for the automatic gates, depending on the type of gate, you would be provided with the gate automation kits. These kits can make the automatic gates function smoothly and flexibly. The automatic gates are extremely helpful in the sense that they increase the level of safety and security of the place where they have been installed. If the gates are used as the garage doors, your car would no doubt remain safe and secure. The different kinds of automatic gates operate differently. Some are operated by means of a remote while some have special sensors attached with them which can detect and accordingly open the gate for specific people. Some of these can also be activated through the cell phones. A text message is sent by means of which the door gets opened. Some are even activated through finger prints. All these are in fact wonders of technology that have been places in the automatic gates. Though the automatic gates are comparatively a new concept in the gate industry yet its use has become extremely popular. With the progression of time, the manufacturers are putting efforts in order to produce different kinds of innovative designs and techniques in the making of these gates. Only a button can just do wonders and can provide great level of safety as well as security. In order to install the automatic gates, it is always best to call professional experts who can handle the process of installation of different kinds of automatic gates well. However, while you purchase the gates you should make sure that they are made according to your specifications. In fact any kind of gate can be turned into an automatic gate with the help of the professional experts. If you want you can also make certain additions in your automatic gates which might include the digital keypad, the intercom, the garage receivers, the solar powered systems and many more.