When you run a shop, hotel, bed and breakfast or other business which has a lot of visitors coming through its doors then automatic doors are an option you should look at. An automatic door is an option that will accomodate a high flow of pedestrian traffic, essential in busy areas. A growing number of companies are adopting automatic doors for usability for customers and visitors and to ensure ease of access for elderly and disabled visitors to their business. An automatic door Sydney will do away with the effort and hassle of opening heavy manual doors, when a customer has their hands full, and this will greatly assist in giving a positive first impression of your business. So why should you consider installing automatic doors and roller doors in Sydney for your commercial premises? •Being a business you will be required legally to ensure that all disabled people have easy access to your property. Installing auto doors Sydney is a simple way to assist disabled people to gain access to your business and will prevent you breaching any disability laws. •If you have a high traffic business property (hotel, shopping centre, office block or leisure centre) an automatic door system enables your visitors to pass through your entrance without getting caught up in a queue. Automatic doors promote easy flowing foot traffic through by making window shutters of  your business. •Automatic doors Sydney are known to be reliable and last for a long time. Due to the fact they are made for high traffic areas you can be sure that they will not break down. •Automatic doors gates will benefit the environment also! Because they will shut automatically when a visitor enters, it’s going to ensure that you keep heat in your building – making sure your business uses less energy. This is not just beneficial to the environment but also to your bank balance! What sort of automatic doors can be purchased? There are a selection of automatic doors on the market and each is suitable for different environments. Listed here is a quick rundown of the most popular types of automatic door and their most popular uses: •Balanced automatic door – these are best suited for premises which have little space to work with •Revolving automatic door – opt for these in places that have lots of visitors, such as hotels, because they provide a constant stream of traffic. •Automatic telescopic door – useful when you need a wide opening with a limited space •Automatic swinging doors – unobtrusive, almost silent, you will frequently find these in shopping centres •Automatic sliding doors – are one of the most common as they can be fitted in most locations There are numerous benefits to having automatic doors fitted to your business premises and now you are aware of the ins and outs of these kind of doors you will be in a position to choose for your commercial premises with confidence.